Hoquessing Creek Trading Company

About Us

Hoquessing.com began with an idea for a different kind of Catholic retailer — one that would be uncompromisingly traditional and as rugged as the frontier faith of the North American missions.

Our founder Claudio Salvucci has spent over 25 years delving into the obscure and almost forgotten bits of North American Catholic history, and his articles have appeared in numerous publications and websites, including Latin Mass Magazine, New Liturgical Movement, Liturgical Arts Journal, and the FSSP’s Memento and Missive. You can find links to his books and articles on our Publications page.

Rather than restrict his work to a niche academic audience, Claudio founded Hoquessing.com to share his findings with all Catholic families through devotional booklets, sacramentals, and other products.

Join us on this grand adventure, as we outfit Catholic families on their journey toward heaven.


Taking our name from the word for “heaven” in the ancient Lenape language of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, we place ourselves under the special patronage of Our Lord’s Nativity, the North American Martyrs, and St. Katharine Drexel.

We are also dedicated in a special way to Catherine Gandeaktena, an Erie Indian who died with the reputation of holiness at the mission of La Prairie outside Montreal, which she co-founded. This mission gathered together Catholic Indians from over 20 tribes and eventually became not only the home of St. Kateri Tekakwitha but also the capital of the Seven Indian Nations of Canada, a Catholic Indian confederacy.

Our launch year of 2021 marks the 250th anniversary of La Prairie’s establishment under a Catholic government in the summer of 1671. Catherine’s husband Francis Xavier Tonsahoten was elected as its first war chief.

When the Iroquois homeland was breaking down from draining warfare and rampant alcoholism and riotousness, La Prairie became a beacon in the darkness. Through God’s grace, and through zealous protection of Catholic faith and morals, the mission rescued and revivified a dying culture.

Catherine and her mission serve as excellent models in our own troubled times for separating ourselves from a morally diseased nation while still preserving its noblest and best aspects within Holy Mother Church.

Statement of Principles

Hoquessing.com is a family business and a traditional Catholic company. As far as possible, we strive to support fellow small businesses rather than  progressivist or “woke” organizations that are hostile to Christian faith and morals, that promote degeneracy, or that espouse Marxism in any of its forms.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!