Hoquessing Creek Trading Company

Payment & Shipping Info

Our system is set up to accept most credit cards. We formerly used Paypal for all of our processing, and we are still able to accept it, but we have been moving away from it as the company has gotten increasingly hostile to Christian morality.

Payment by Check

We encourage customers to pay by check. Yes it is slower. Yes it is less convenient. But paying by check cuts out the card-processing companies and their woke politics, makes businesses like ours harder to cancel, and puts more money into family business instead of giant corporations.

As a special incentive to our customers, anyone who orders by check will receive a free devotional booklet! Checks should be made out to “Ancilla Press”.

Production Times

We manufacture many of our products in-house, including our devotional booklets. Although we try to keep stock on hand, we may occasionally have to produce more to fulfill orders. If you order a particularly large quantity of booklets, it may take us a few days to get your order together.

Bulk & Wholesale Orders

We welcome large orders from parishes and retailers! Please contact us in advance to see if we can offer you more generous discounts than what is available on our site, and to make sure we can fulfill your request in time to meet any looming holiday deadlines.

Although we run this family business in our spare time and can’t always be available during regular business hours, we try to be as responsive to orders and questions as we can.


We charge a flat rate for shipping and handling within the continental US: $5.00 for USPS Ground and $9.00 for Priority. Orders of $50 or more will ship for free.

Orders generally ship within a few days after receiving payment. If you’ve selected US Ground Shipping, and your order only contains books, we will most likely send it Media Mail. The US Post Office gives a range of 2-9 days for Media Mail delivery.

If you select US Ground Shipping, your order contains products that are not eligible for Media Mail, and the weight is under a pound, we will typically send it First Class. First Class package shipping times are 2-5 days. For packages over a pound, we will determine the best way to ship as required.

If you select Priority shipping, we will make an extra effort to have your order out in a day or two. The Post Office estimates a delivery time of 1-3 days for Priority Mail.

Note that we do not process orders on Sundays or holy days of obligation. So if an order is received late on Friday, it may not be shipped until Monday or Tuesday. If you have any concerns about receiving an order on time, please contact us in advance.

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