Hoquessing Creek Trading Company



It is the war of 1812, and England and America vie for control of the seas. Captain the brig Niagara on the shores of Lake Erie, take command of the sloop Wasp or frigate Constitution in the North Atlantic, or slink the schooner Carolina through dark waters in a daring night battle.

My first completed hack was Broadside, a naval redesign of Combat set during the War of 1812. Beyond just modifying sprites, this project allowed me to rethink a game conceptually and redesign it to have its own distinct feel from the original game.

My original concept for Broadside was that I wanted to bring Combat back into a colonial North American historical setting. As first conceived, the game had different land and sea variations, so I tried out a few different scenarios like field cannons firing on each other. I was never happy with the cannon fights, but the ship concept really worked well, so that’s what I stuck with for the entire game.

In 2017, I sold a very limited run of these on the Atariage forum, complete with text-label style cart and manual. Later,  Atariage’s custom packaging expert Marc Oberhäuser created a box for it that is still available at his Etsy store. 

Size: 4k

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