Hoquessing Creek Trading Company

Inaugural Foreword

Let’s get one thing straight right now. I’m a book guy, not a blog guy. I’ve written, edited and compiled dozens of books. Got that down at this point. But blogs? I’ve started a few, kept up with none of ’em. It ain’t my medium.

With writing, I like to take my time. Hours and hours. I like to come back to things and tweak ’em. Endlessly. Read and reread. Test the language, test the idea–does this really work? Can I say this better? I like to leave things alone for a few days, weeks, even months and then attack ’em fresh. All of which makes for horrible blogging.

So why this one then?

Well see, here’s the thing. Like most people, I like a little encouragement now and then. And you get no encouragement deep in the caverns of a library looking up some obscure references, or toiling away in the small hours of the morning. Neither do you get much encouragement from the guy who picks up your book half a continent away. Well sometimes you do, and that’s nice, but it’s not enough to get a scatterbrained unfocused and largely undisciplined writer to buckle down and get projects done.

Plus, my wife suggested it. And she’s smart about these things.

So here goes. Wish me luck and say a prayer as I try to adapt to this new medium.

Originally published on my “Letters of Hoquessing” blog on the Blogger platform.