Thanksgiving Prayers and Devotions

Thanksgiving Prayers and Devotions

Thanksgiving Prayers and Devotions
Thanksgiving Prayers and Devotions

Thanksgiving Prayers and Devotions

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Finally, an authentically Catholic way to celebrate Thanksgiving! Included are traditional propers from the Votive Mass of Thanksgiving, Psalms, harvest blessings, grace for Thanksgiving dinner, Acts of Thanksgiving, the Te Deum and more!
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Thanksgiving Prayers and Devotions

Notwithstanding the non-Catholic origins of this holiday, it is absolutely appropriate to end the harvest season and the liturgical year with thanksgiving to Almighty God for His blessings. This collection will help you do just that, with approved prayers from fully Catholic sources. It features propers from the traditional Votive Mass of Thanksgiving as well as the Book of Divine Worship, blessings for the harvest, the Litany of Thanksgiving by Pope Pius VI, grace before and after Thanksgiving Dinner, prayers from the Abenaki missions of New England, the Te Deum and more!

October 2019  ~  26 pages  ~  booklet  ~  5.5" x 4"

* Prayers for the Observance of Thanksgiving Day
    - Propers of the Votive Mass of Thanksgiving
    - Prayer for the Church and Civil Authorities (Abp. Carroll)
    - Psalm 64: 10-14
    - Canticle of the Three Youths

* Prayer for Thanksgiving Day from the Book of Divine Worship
* A Countryman's Thanksgiving Prayer
* General Blessing of the Harvest
* Various Blessings of the Harvest (grapes, pumpkins, turkey, etc.)
* Litany of Thanksgiving by Pope Pius VI
* Grace Before Thanksgiving Dinner
* Grace After Thanksgiving Dinner
* Grace Before Meals in the Abenaki Language of New England
* Act of Thanksgiving in Abenaki
* An Act of Thanksgiving
* Act of Thanksgiving for Morning Prayer
* Act of Thanksgiving for Communion
* Psalms Suitable for Thanksgiving, from the Baltimore Manual of Prayer
* Te Deum Laudamus

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