Where I get to be a kid again!

Now that I’m a dad I really see the tremendous teaching power

Card games

While in Italy in 1994 (and playing with a makeshift deck I drew myself) I invented a solitaire card game called “Around the Block”.

I was also fascinated with Neapolitan playing cards, which . While doing research on the different nationsal styles and suits, I devised a Philadelphia deck with bells, quills, stars, and arrows.

Video games

The Atari 2600 was my game system growing up, and I even had a dream of designing games for it. Even during the early 1990s when the guys on the hall were busily playing their Nintendos and whatever else, I still stuck to my battered old VCS. After latching onto the fantastic AtariAge community, and finally learning machine language which I was never able to do as a kid, I started to have an immense amount of fun hacking my favorite games. My first completed hack was Broadside, a naval redo of Combat, set during the War of 1812. I re-added the two missing levels to Coleco’s Donkey Kong. My most ambitious project to date has been hacking Dark Chambers into the arcade game Gauntlet (1985).

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